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Re Nacht App by rayne-storme Re Nacht App by rayne-storme
Name: Raechel Nacht (Goes by Re, pronounced Ray)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Pokemon: #197 Umbreon

-Moonlight- Fairy- The user restores its own HP. The amount of HP regained varies with the weather.
- Sucker Punch- Dark- Sucker Punch deals damage and has a priority of +1. However, the move only works if the target uses a direct attack in the same turn. If the target is not preparing an attack, Sucker Punch will fail.

Ability: Synchronize 

Job: Shop Owner
-Nachturn Alley (She made a play on the name Knockturn Alley from one of her favorite old books) The shop sells various Gadgets designed by her cousin, Abigael Solis (who still lives on their home planet, and emails her the blueprints). She also has a little corner for handmade jewelry and trinkets, which she makes when she is feeling down. 

-Physical strength- She never takes time to work out, so she is a little bit weaksauce xD
-Forgetful- She often has to tie strings to her fingers in order to remember important things, She also gets messages from Abigael reminding her fo things often. (However in a crisis she seems to have a better memory, which irks her)
-Klutz- She is quite accident prone, and tends to get bumps and scrapes often. Pretty much anytime she walks somewhere she trips or falls one something (and heaven help her if the floor is wet or icy)
-Darkness- She has a crippling fear of darkness. Going into dark places she finds herself trembling and completely shaken.

-Intelligent- Although she may forget things that she needs to do, she is incredibly intelligent. She is good at strategizing, and is quite book smart.
-Intermediary- Good at sorting out situations with an outside perspective. She hates people fighting, and will come up with the fairest solution possible to a problem.
-Creativity- Though she may not be as inventive as her cousin Abigael, she loves to create things, and is great at making little pieces of jewelry and various other things like that.

Re grew up on a small planet just on the edge of the reach of the galactic alliance. It was far away from the sun that sat at the center of their solar system, and thus the planet was often plunged in darkness. Her people had learned to live with the cold and the bleak expanse of the rocky terrain. However, once in their long year, they would pass closer to the sun, and light would pass over the surface of her planet. It was in this brief reprieve from the darkness that Re found her joy. She loved the feel of the light on her skin, and she marveled at all of the beautiful colors. It was in this small time of year that she sat outside and made jewelry of all kinds from the colorful rocks that could be found on the ground of the many caves in her planet... if one cared to look. 
Of course, even these bright and happy times, she could never be truly happy. Her people, the people of Nox Obscura, looked down on people like her. You see, on her planet, everyone was born with a gem inlaid in their forhead, and the color of the gem means your station in life. Her parents were wealthy and illustrious blue gems, but she was cursed with a yellow gem. Her life was one of servitude, only being able to go out when she was able to steal time away. In the rare month that the sun was out, and her people slept deep in hiding, she would crawl up to see the sky. On one of these excursions to the surface, she met a man from the Alliance. It was from her meetings with this man that she learned of the Jirachi Station. She sent in her credentials with the help of the only Blue Gem who would help her, her cousin Abigael, and was accepted. 
She opened a shop on the stataion, where she agreed to sell the many gadgets that Abigael invented, in the hopes that when she was able to join her at the station, she may have a name for herself. Now she 

She is calm and quiet, but when certain subjects are brought up (look in her likes) she can light up and she talks really fast and just gets really excited. Klutzy, and a little forgetful (yes she has terrible time management and knows the floor very well, from the many times she has fallen to it). She has moments where she feels a deep sorrow when she thinks of her planet and Abigael. She is also the kind of person who would take care of you if you are feeling unwell, and she works hard at her job, because of the gratitude she feels for being allowed to even have her shop.

+colorful things
+making things
+Old books (Authors JK Rowling, C.S Lewis, Tolkien, etc. will be a great conversation starter with her)
+ Sweet Things
+Love (the idea of it and in general, she loves love.)
+Spicy things

-Mean people or people insulting her, or things she works on
-Bitter food
-Small spaces
-Being told she isn't good enough
-People asking about the gem on her head.

She was given the move Secret Power through the Destiny Bond event.

Through the same event she was given a shiny stone, but is afraid to look in a mirror.

I tried back then by rayne-storme
 (look at my shite old art for her |D I improved SO FREAKING MUCH)
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Sakurabythesea Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She's so adorable oAo I love her outfit~~
rayne-storme Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh thank you~~~ I am proud of her >u<
Sakurabythesea Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should be: :D and np~
soaringmoose Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

i noticed there's an unfinished sentence at the end of her bio, though.
Spichinka Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist
Heh, Nacht...Cute name for a cute Umbreon :D

I was close to making one of the eeveelutions as mine, but changed my mind last minute. 
rayne-storme Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Eheheh thank you~ I had fun making her, and I love your character ouo
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